Nicole Matei

Plan for Fun, Plan to be Safe

When you’re heading into the mountains, take some time to plan your trip. The resources in this section are here to help you prepare.

Mountain Weather Forecast

Produced by Environment Canada, this forecast is the best publically available product you can find for your planning needs.

Forecasters’ Blogs

Deeper thoughts from our forecasters and our field teams.

Essential gear

You know you need it. This is what everyone in your group should be wearing.

Trip Planner

This interactive site offers guidance on connecting terrain with current conditions.


A tool for estimating your local avalanche hazard when no forecast is available. Check out the how-to video to learn more.

Forecast regions

A list of all the forecast regions, also offered on the map on our home page.

A list of all the forecast regions, also offered on the map on our home page.

Trip planning checklist

Use this checklist to verify that you’ve completed all steps in the trip planning process and you are fully prepared for your backcountry trip. This checklist is only meant to be used as a guide to ensure that you considered all variables. It will help you plan your trip and make an informed decision, but you still need to remain vigilant in the field and stay alert to changing or different conditions.

Trip planning form

A trip plan form helps establish the objectives of the outing, and helps prepare for emergencies by aiding in the organization of rescue efforts if they are required. Carry this trip plan in the field and make sure all members know what to do in case of an emergency. It's a good idea to leave a copy of your trip plan with a responsible person at home.

Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain

This field book is used in the AST 2 course, and provides students with a structured method of gathering information for travelling in avalanche terrain. Purchase it in our store.


Make sure you leave a trip plan with a friend or family member. In the event of an emergency, details like your destination, travel route and expected return time are essential information to assist authorities searching for you.

In addition to your avalanche rescue gear, do you have equipment for repairs and first aid? Take a look at this page from the BC Snowmobile Federation for a good outline on gear you should have with you. Also, consider carrying a satellite communication device. It could save your life.