Forum Ridge Spring

Map for Mountain Information Network report: Forum Ridge Spring

Snow conditions

Riding quality was:
Snow conditions were:
  • Powder
  • Wet
We rode:
  • Mellow slopes
  • Open trees
We stayed away from:
  • Alpine slopes
  • Steep slopes


The day was:
  • Cloudy
  • Warm
Avalanche conditions
  • 30cm + of new snow, or significant drifting, or rain in the last 48 hours.
  • Rapid temperature rise to near or above 0°C or wet surface snow.


Did a half day in the morning skiing at Forum ridge, dropped into the first of two runs around 10:30am and was leaving by noon. Only skied from about 2000m fall line down to Cameron Lake. There was roughly 30-40cm of fresh snow overlying a very robust, boot supportive crust. The first lap skied amazing, snow was low density and the only downside was that with aggressive deep turns I was bottoming out on the crust. Stuffing was very limited as this zone is pretty low angle. By the second lap, the lower half of the run at approximately 1850m was getting a bit wet and sloppy. I’d imagine the ski quality will deteriorate from this point forward.

As has been the case all year this area is pretty low snow, particularly at lower elevations near the lake. Sharks are definitely still out and about but either by dumb luck or thanks to the supportive nature of the crust, I didn’t hit anything today :)