Resources for spring in the backcountry


Getting the (meteo)Gram!

    Spring Challenges

      An alpine bowl shaped feature. An avalanche has propagated across the whole ridgeline. There are cliffs visible in the avalanche path and hangfire at the top. The sky is blue and it is sunny.

      Warmup Woes

        A large avalanche has propagated across much of an alpine bowl.

        After the SPAW

          The Winds of Change 🌬️

            Image shows the evolution of forecast regions in western Canada. Images show 1998, 2004, 2012, 2021, and 2024.

            Shallow Snowpack, Deep Avalanches

              A large avalanche in motion over some cliffs. On the slope above it is a person standing and watching (maybe the trigger) and some ski tracks.

              Things Are A Little Bit Complicated...

                Trouble Ahead?