Please respect all restrictions on BC highways affected by the recent floods.


Avalanche Forecasts are Here!

What you should know about avalanche forecasts early in the season.

    Wildfires and Avalanches

    How wildfires affect the avalanche conditions


      How to avoid being spooked in the mountains this Halloween

        Thanks for a great winter

        A look back at the season

          Communicating spring conditions

          Danger ratings in April

            As the tulips rise

            So can the avalanche danger

              Spring is Coming...

              But winter isn't gone yet

                Time to consider warming

                Sudden changes to the weather are forecast in the coming week. Expect this to complicate avalanche conditions...

                  Danger rising in the interior

                  Changing weather may tip the scales in the interior mountains of western Canada

                    Danger Stacking up for the Coast

                    New snow, rising temperatures, and an old, cold weak interface spell trouble