Avalanche Canada is committed to making our website available to as many people as possible. Our communications and development teams follow web content accessibility guidelines in order to ensure that:

  • Our website works across many modern devices, operating systems, and browsers
  • Our website works on older devices that no longer have current browsers
  • Users without JavaScript in their browsers can still use our website (with limitations)
  • Screen readers can interact with our website
  • Keyboard navigation is possible on our website
  • Our mobile app works with older devices as well as current technology

We are aware there are important areas in which we can improve. These include:

  • Fully supporting French translations of all our content
  • Increasing closed captioning for videos
  • Increasing transcripts and described video
  • Improving font and visual accessibility of our content
  • Making our mobile applications compatible with keyboard navigation

To send us a comment or a suggestion, feel free to email