Teaching Avalanche Canada's Training Program

Are you interested in teaching Avalanche Canada Training courses? Please read below for information on becoming an instructor..

Avalanche Canada Training (ACT) courses are the national standard for recreational avalanche training. Course curricula, instructor support, and resources for students and instructors are all developed and provided by Avalanche Canada. Courses are delivered by independent third-party providers who are licensed by Avalanche Canada.

All instructors are required to be members of the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA), the organization representing avalanche professionals in Canada. Instructors must meet the membership requirements of their professional organization. All providers and instructors are required to carry liability insurance coverage. Contact the CAA for questions regarding membership.


ACT instructors must meet the following minimum requirements:

For teaching: Avalanche Skills Training 1; Companion Rescue Skills

For teaching: AST 1+, AST 2, Companion Rescue Skills, and Managing Avalanche Terrain

  • Be a member of the CAA at the Professional membership level, in good standing.
  • Experience teaching AST 1 or an equivalent course.
  • Relevant training in instructional techniques and the knowledge, skill and experience to safely lead a group in terrain appropriate for AST 2.

Additional requirements for all instructors:

  • New instructors to the program must have shadowed a minimum of one AST course with an experienced instructor.
  • All instructors and providers must have liability insurance.
  • All instructors must meet the continuing professional development requirements established by the AST Training Committee.

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, or if you have questions, contact us.