Crusts on all aspects in Crowsnest!

Map for Mountain Information Network report: Crusts on all aspects in Crowsnest!

Snow conditions

Riding quality was:
Snow conditions were:
  • Crusty
  • Wet
We rode:
  • Alpine slopes
  • Convex slopes


The day was:
  • Cloudy
  • Warm
Avalanche conditions
  • Rapid temperature rise to near or above 0°C or wet surface snow.


Today, we found some OK skiing in the Window Mountain area. There was roughly 10 cm of moist snow over a crust, so it was not too heavy or too crusty.

With mostly cloudy skies, the surface snow was moist but not wet and losing cohesion, and there was no new avalanche activity.

The access into Window Bowl was still in great shape. There are a few dirt patches on the road, but it’s been way worse this time of year.

There are still some large cornices, and with the weekend forecast of sun and warm temperatures, it will be a good idea to limit your time under them.