Fraser South Couloir

Map for Mountain Information Network report: Fraser South Couloir

Snow conditions

Riding quality was:
Snow conditions were:
  • Crusty
  • Hard
  • Powder
We rode:
  • Alpine slopes
  • Steep slopes
We stayed away from:
  • Convex slopes


The day was:
  • Warm


Skied the south facing couloir above Fraser Lake, after ruling out some steeper north facing lines that we had originally envisioned off of Fraser Peak.

Very nice snow in the lake valley became crustier as we ascended, with some nice pockets below 1300m and above 1500m. We climbed right to the top cause it was a shorter day and got some nice views when the wind shifted the fog around. We descended with poor visibility from the top, with alternating bands of dust on crust and some boot deep powder. We skied a few parallel horizontal cut lines about a meter apart and were able to get some small slab releases, but no other signs of instability. Bluebird day on the way out. We saw a pretty large sluff on the north face of Fraser (photo 3) that looked like a recent (<1 day) wind slab release from the top ridgeline, affirming we had made the right call for the day.