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Avalanche Canada hosts many online resources to help you start your avalanche education or refresh what you already know. They are not a substitute for taking a field-based Avalanche Canada Training course, but they offer a good introduction to backcountry safety.

Avy Savvy

Avy Savvy is our online tutorial. It was developed as an introduction to the Avalanche Skills Training 1 (AST 1) course, but it also serves as a useful tool for those looking to refresh their training. Avy Savvy is not a substitute for taking an AST 1, but it will give you a leg up when you do. Here’s what you will learn:

  • How avalanches form
  • How different types of avalanches are classified and why that’s important to you​
  • How to identify avalanche terrain
  • How to use the Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale
  • How to understand the avalanche forecast and use it to plan your trips
  • The daily process for a day in the backcountry
  • How to perform a companion rescue in case you or someone else gets caught in an avalanche

Explore Avy Savvy.

Rescue at Cherry Bowl

Explore this engaging and interactive website to experience the true story of an amazing backcountry rescue from the point of view of the rescuers and the survivors. Their stories are a compelling reason to practice your companion rescue skills and always be prepared.

Avalanche Canada Glossary

The avalanche world contains many specific terms used in the discussion of weather, snowpack, terrain, avalanches, and safety. This comprehensive glossary has been created to help you better understand our avalanche and weather forecasts, and further your avalanche education. Check it out here.

Avalanche Canada Webinar Series

Avalanche Canada began hosting a weekly webinar series in October 2020. Since then, our webinars have covered a wide variety of topics, including trip planning, terrain choice, companion rescue, and important case studies. Find the schedule of upcoming webinars on our events page and watch the recordings of past ones here.

Avalanche Canada Videos

We host more than 100 videos covering numerous topics on avalanche safety on our Vimeo page. Check them out!

Land of Thundering Snow

Land of Thundering Snow logo
Revelstoke Museum & Archives

This online exhibit by the Revelstoke Museum & Archives looks at the history of avalanches in Canada and their impact on people and nature. It examines historic incidents, provides a history of snow science in Canada, and illustrates how we’ve learned to live, work, travel, and recreate in avalanche terrain.

Avalanche Canada Training

Interested in taking the next step? Take an Avalanche Canada Training course to learn in the backcountry from a licensed avalanche professional.