Mountain Snowmobiling

Motorized recreationists experience a huge variety of terrain and conditions when out in the mountains, riding on a variety of aspects and elevations that can easily involve a range of avalanche problems. Riders must pay close attention to the avalanche problem in the daily forecast to avoid dangerous slopes. Fortunately, sledding can be as much fun on the flats and in meadows, so it’s possible to have a good day out while avoiding avalanche terrain on days where the danger is elevated.

Resources for snowmobilers and snow-bikers: 

Sled-based Avalanche Canada Training

Avalanche Canada Training includes courses specifically created for snowmobilers. You can find a list of providers of sled-based courses here:

10 Commandments for mountain sledders

These are 10 rules that form the basis of any successful day out in the mountains.

Throttle Decisions

Throttle Decisions is a fast-paced video series aimed at encouraging mountain sledders to become better trained in avalanche safety. In eight short chapters, you’ll get a good feel for some of the valuable material you’ll learn on an Avalanche Skills Training 1 (AST) course. Filmed in 2012-13 with a host of riders across BC, it captures not only some great action but also some straight-shooting commentary from avalanche experts, well-known riders, and even some avalanche survivors.

Boondock Nation: License to Ride

This two-part series follows the pros from Boondock Nation as they head to Valemount to take an AST 1 course with Frozen Pirate Snow Services. This video highlights what you will learn in AST 1 and why you and everyone you ride with should take the course.

Webinar: The Renshaw avalanche tragedy, a case study

This webinar looks at an incident that occurred in 2016 at the Renshaw riding area near McBride, BC. This event involved many different groups and the outcome was complicated and tragic. Avalanche Canada worked with survivors, SAR members, and the BC Coroners Service to reconstruct this incident to better understand how the avalanche happened and why so many people were caught. This story illustrates how quickly difficult and complex scenarios can arise in the backcountry.

Webinar: Choosing terrain for snowmobilers

In this webinar, Martina Halik, Avalanche Canada’s North Rockies field team leader, provides advice on where to ride depending on the conditions. Check it out to improve your terrain choices.

Ski-Doo avalanche safety training

These videos by Ski-Doo provide a wide variety of tips for riding safely in avalanche terrain.

Backcountry Ascender

Have fun with an online game while improving your backcountry and avalanche knowledge. Backcountry Ascender is a free, fun, and simple backcountry and avalanche education tool.

Snowmobile season preparation

In this 2016-17 video, Avalanche Canada Ambassador Nadine Overwater and Brodie Evans talk about how they prepare for the snowmobile season.