Alex Cooper

Going Big: How to Approach Big Lines

If you stare up at the big peaks and dream of nailing those big, steep lines in complex terrain, this post is for you.

A pile of wet snow avalanche debris covers a road up to 10 metres deep. Four people are on the road looking at it.
Alex Cooper

That's a Wrap! The Forecasting Season Draws to a Close

Avalanche forecasts are done, but you should remain wary of a major warm-up as spring progresses.

    Early April Warming May Produce Large Avalanches

    Photos of avalanches from last week’s warming could be a sign of things to come

      A spotty but consequential problem

      We are tracking a buried weak layer that has the potential to catch riders by surprise in some of our forecasting regions.

        Tricky snowpack structure returns to the coast

          The Crust That Never Dies

            Untrustworthy snow - explaining the SPAW

            Avalanche Canada has issued a Special Public Avalanche Warning. Read on for an explanation of what forecasters are thinking.

              A person carries a probe and conducts a fine search using a transceiver.
              Nicole Matei

              Interference and Avalanche Transceivers Part 2