Untrustworthy snow - explaining the SPAW

Avalanche Canada has issued a Special Public Avalanche Warning. Read on for an explanation of what forecasters are thinking.

    A person carries a probe and conducts a fine search using a transceiver.
    Nicole Matei

    Interference and Avalanche Transceivers Part 2

      Don't always trust a robust crust

      An update on the lasting impact of the atmospheric rivers

        Rescue Practice: Keeping it Real

        How to add realism to your companion rescue practice so you're ready for the real thing.

          A persistent slab problem is here. How do we deal with it?

          The Last Straw?

            A man holding his transceiver, with many objects that can provide interference.
            Colin Garritty

            Mitigating Avalanche Transceiver Interference

              The River Has Run Dry

              The backcountry is a changed landscape in the aftermath of the series of atmospheric rivers.

                Avalanche Forecasts are Here!

                What you should know about avalanche forecasts early in the season.

                  Wildfires and Avalanches

                  How wildfires affect the avalanche conditions