School Program Receives Generous Donation of Safety Gear

Coastal GasLink Donates to School Program

Avalanche Canada’s School Program received an early gift this holiday season, thanks to a significant donation from Coastal GasLink. TC Energy’s pipeline project has generously given 50 sets of avalanche safety gear along with 50 winter backpacks to Avalanche Canada.

 Each set of gear comprises an avalanche transceiver, probe, and shovel. This equipment had been allocated to workers exposed to avalanche terrain during construction of the Coastal GasLink project. It is now decommissioned but still in perfect working order—and perfectly suited for the school program.

 “Coastal GasLink is thankful that this life-saving equipment can be used beyond our project’s needs,” says Tanner Moulton, Coastal GasLink Public Affairs Advisor. “This equipment was used by our workforce to keep them safe during construction in incredibly challenging terrain and now Avalanche Canada can utilize this same equipment to provide important life-saving education to youth in Western Canada. Partnerships like these are extraordinary and we look forward to the education and benefits that these will provide for years to come.”  

 Avalanche Canada’s School Program delivers free in-class presentations to grades K to 12 students in Alberta, BC, and the Yukon. These in-person presentations are complemented by a toolbox program.  Each toolbox contains 15 – 20 sets of avalanche safety gear, along with guidance for instructors to lead demonstrations on their use.

 Toolboxes are shipped to youth groups and classrooms throughout the school year, increasing the reach of avalanche safety education. Each box allows valuable hands-on experience, introducing students to the function of each tool and enforcing the idea that this equipment is essential for winter backcountry travel.

 “The toolboxes have been a great success since they were first implemented in 2010, and each season they are fully booked throughout the winter months,” explains Shannon Werner, Avalanche Canada’s Youth Education Coordinator. “This generous gift allows us to double the number of toolboxes we have available for classrooms and youth groups, and I know they will be greatly appreciated for many years.”

 Thanks again to Coastal GasLink for this generous gift to Avalanche Canada’s School Program.


 Avalanche Canada's Northwest Field Team with the generous donation of 50 sets of transceivers, probes, shovels, and backpacks. From left: Emily Jones, Lucas Holtzman, Martina Halik.