Transceiver Interference Guidance

Avalanche transceivers are susceptible to interference by electronic devices, metal objects, and magnets if they are too close.

The information below provides practical guidance on how to avoid problems with interference. It was created through a collaboration by Avalanche Canada, the US National Avalanche Center, Colorado Avalanche Information Center, Utah Avalanche Center, Northwest Avalanche Center and the avalanche transceiver manufacturers: Arva, BCA, Black Diamond/PIEPS, Mammut and Ortovox.

Image providing details of recommended distances of electronic devices, metal and magnets from avalanche transceives: 20 cm when transmitting; 50 cm when searching.
Image providing details on recommended distances when using transceivers with snowmobiles (3 m) and when calling for help (50 cm for most devices and 1 m with digital radios).