Cover of the Avaluator.

The Avaluator™ is a portable decision-making aid designed by Avalanche Canada to help backcountry travelers make critical decisions before and during backcountry trips in avalanche terrain. It has three elements: the Trip Planner, the Slope Evaluation Card, and an accompanying booklet.

The Trip Planner (printed in the booklet) is designed to facilitate pre-trip route selection and works by combining the danger rating for the day with the ATES-rating of the terrain in the area under consideration.

The Slope Evaluation Card is designed to help make slope-specific decisions. It is printed on a card that can be easily carried on a trip. The card works by giving a recommendation (travel under normal caution, travel under extra caution or travel not recommended) that follows a localized assessment of avalanche conditions and terrain factors.

The booklet describes how to use the Trip Planner and Slope Evaluation Card. It also provides additional avalanche safety advice. Its four main sections are:

  • Trip planning
  • Identifying avalanche terrain
  • Slope evaluation
  • Good travel habits