The Dangerator

When a Forecast is Not Available

Estimating Avalanche Danger Rating with the Dangerator

The Dangerator is a tool to help estimate an avalanche danger rating for your local conditions when there is no forecast to advise you. The Dangerator guides you through a two-step process of combining weather data and field observations to assess whether the danger is moderate, considerable or high. The Dangerator does not include low or extreme avalanche danger.

The video below explains how to use the Dangerator and where to find the information you need to establish a danger rating.

Dangerator Booklet

Scroll through the pages of the Dangerator below to get an in-depth view into the the process described in the video.

You can get a Dangerator by taking an AST course in a region that does not have an avalanche forecast, by contacting Avalanche Canada, or by downloading this print ready version.

Dangerator Cover Page
Dangerator Disclaimer
Dangerator Flowchart
Dangerator Process
Dangerator Critical Loading and Critical Warming
Dangerator Recent Loading and Slab Avalanches
Dangerator: Persistent Slab Problem
Dangerator Limitations
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