Miners gully

Map for Mountain Information Network report: Miners gully

Snow conditions

Riding quality was:
Snow conditions were:
  • Crusty
  • Hard
  • Powder
We rode:
  • Steep slopes
We stayed away from:
  • Convex slopes


The day was:
  • Cold
  • Sunny


8:00 am start on the approach to miners,

Approach is icy and slippery so recommend crampons or equivalent.

There was a melt freeze crust practically everywhere but there’s still good pockets to be found throughout, the choke has a heavy amount of Avalanche debris.

Once into the open gully skiing is fun with about 10-15 cm of dust on crust mellow and supportive.

We chose to ski the gully the whole way down and had to do 3 rappels (25m, and 2 3-4m) you can deffiantely boot back up higher and not need to rappel to be able to get around but we used a 48 m rope and that was plenty!