Flat Light Steep Hills

Map for Mountain Information Network report: Flat Light Steep Hills

Snow conditions

Riding quality was:
Snow conditions were:
  • Powder


The day was:
  • Foggy
  • Stormy
  • Windy


A great day of riding up in Renshaw with 20cm of fresh snow. Temperatures were warm today, only - 1.3C up at 1900m and unfortunately much warmer down lower. It was snowing quite heavily when we left the area which turned to rain around 1000m. Light was quite flat but we did see evidence of several glide cracks in the area - photo number 2 is of the glide crack on Showoff Hill by the cabin. We also saw that some cornice chunks had released on a north facing slope overlooking Wolverine Bowl. Those chunks didn't trigger any slabs below but entrained lots of the fresh storm snow and ran quite far. Southwesterly winds were moving snow and loading north and east faces and building cornices at ridge tops. We avoided steep north and east facing slopes, especially those that had cornices overhanging them. Also gave any slopes with glide cracks a miss. Lots of great riding to be had everywhere else!